PLL Mail Utilities

This utilities are servers for a Mail delivery service. That is receiving mail for a network-local SMTP server (Postfix, Sendmail, etc.) deliver it in user mail folder and let the user read it.

Multiple virtual domains may be used, authentication is done via external MySQL or LDAP servers. Each user may have a soft mail quota and its no need to give them system accounts.

As its designed to consume few resources as possible, several thousand of mailboxes may be managed with this system. The backend is intended to be interoperable with other Maildir++ systems, like courier mail utilities.

Delivery is done using an LMTP (Local Mail Transfer Protocol) server and mail can be retreived with POP (Post Office Protocol). The programs use Unix standard routine but an emulaing library (libhome) can enhance the possibilities. This library may be linked with other tools (for example, a external IMAP server).

This tools currently compile on FreeBSD, Linux, Solaris and HP/UX. FreeBSD is the development plateform.

You may download or get more info from this Source Forge project summary

LMTP server

This is a RFC2033 compliant LMTP server.

Supported features

Read the manual of lmtpd server, the README file or the NEWS file.

Some of user filter possibilities :

POP3 server

Classic POP3 server. Features:

Server is designed to limit the number of connections to authentication serveurs.

Read the manual of popserv server or the distribution README file.

Authentication library

libhome is a configurable getpwnam(3) emulator. Feature include :

Read the manual of the configuration file, home.conf or the distribution README file.

Maildir++ soft quota library

libmdq is a library who keep Maildir++ soft quota information.

Read the manual of API, mdq(3) or the distribution README file.

There is also a perl module Maildir::Quota to handle the soft quota cache.

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